Founded in 1995 and named without any knowledge of a CD by a similar name, Electric LarryLand is my personal project studio.

Operating out of my home, it is perfect for my style of music production.

Most of what I do now is custom production for clients that I sign some sort of percentage deal with. So this allows me to call the shots for how a project will be produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered.

It is based around a computer (what isn't anymore?), custom built for the task of music production along with some select pieces of vintage analog tube gear.

I choose Nuendo as my DAW of preference, however I also have ProTools.

Some clients send me RAW audio tracks for me to mix from their ProTools sessions. I love doing this and it is something that surprises many people when I load their tracks into Nuendo.

Almost without exception they make statements such as "What did you do to make it sound so good?" or "I didn't know my project sounded so clear!".

And all I did was load their tracks into Nuendo without doing anything. The summing algorhythms in Nuendo sound very close to analog to my ears and do not sound harsh – they sound very smooth.

What did you do to make it sound so good?

Another thing that I like to do is use old vintage analog tube gear.

It's great to have all of the flexibility that a DAW offers, and Nuendo does a great job of sounding very 'analogish', but it's hard to beat analog tube gear for adding warmth and that extra 'punch'.

I have several old 50's vintage RCA tube mic and line amps that I use in most of my signal paths.

In addition, I make sure that there are plenty of tubes and transformers in the vocal signal path. One cannot overuse tubes with a vocal.

In fact, that is one of the best kept secrets in recording vocals. TUBES!

Many producers today make the mistake of choosing the 'cleanest' mic pre, or the one with the 'best specs' for a vocal. But in my opinion, specs and clean do not necessarily make for a great vocal tone.

You just HAVE to have tubes to make it sound right.

The studio has most of the typical digital devices (i.e. plugins) that almost everyone uses today. The 'trick' is to know when to use them and when not.

It's all about the tone, feel, and inspiration that is generated from the choices made during the entire phase of the production process.

If I am producing a track for an artist, I generally start with a sequence to built a base around which the vocal and other 'real' instruments will be placed.

Having a studio setup the way that Electric LarryLand is setup allows me to devote my complete focus on the music and not worry about things that take away from the creative process.

It is so automagic I don't have to think about 'where does this go' or 'what do I need to do to make this sound' etc. It's very comfortable for me.

In addition to having just about everything anyone would want in terms of mixing and mastering, I have a small cutting room that I use for vocal overdubs (or small ensembles). In fact, most of my sample libraries were cut in that room.

I never really wanted to compete with the larger studios here in Austin for recording bands and such. Electric LarryLand doesn't have the space for them and I just as soon not have bands here. It's not my focus.

My focus instead is on singer-songwriter types – projects where I get a piece of the pie and bring something to the table that benefits both the artist and myself.

If you believe you have original material that I might be interested in and you are willing to allow me to take your songs to the next level, contact me and I'll listen to your stuff.

Please understand that I do not audition material without getting paid for it. This is a service that I charge for. However, whatever I charge for your audition can be credited back to you if we decide to move forward working together on a project.

Please understand that I do not audition material without getting paid for it

Electric LarryLand also has all of the tools necessary to do national quality mastering.

There are great mastering studios in Nashville, LA, and even here in Austin. But this is not why I chose to setup mastering here in my studio.

The reason I have all of the mastering tools (and the knowledge of how to use them properly) is that I want to be in control of every step of the creative process from song idea to finished CD replication.

As a matter of record, I have the ONLY HDCD mastering unit in Texas. You can go to Nashville and LA to get an HDCD encoded, but you have to come to Electric LarryLand to get it done in Texas.

In summary, what Electric LarryLand offers me is a place to work without time constraints in a comfortable enviornment with tools that I need to make the best sounding audio possible.

It is my personal project studio, yes. But it is also a means to produce national quality recording projects.

Some of the CD's you hear on the radio have been either recorded, mixed, and/or mastered here.

And that is a good feeling no matter what the name is.

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