I was asked to explain how I could justify the seemingly apparent paradoxes in "A Course in Miracles", "The Law of One", and "The Disappearance of the Universe".

My answer will be based upon the following assumptions:

  1. Truth is a constant and does not change.
  2. All thinking is judgement and does not necessarily agree with Knowledge.
  3. Our True Nature is spirit and physical experience is temporary and illusory.
  4. All seemingly real physical objects including the individual elements they seem to be composed of, are illusion and do not actually exist.
  5. Life is everywhere and everywhen – and everything is alive.  There is only Life. There is no death.
  6. There is only One Mind.
  7. There is only One of us here.

Given those assumptions, we can see that the our True Natural state is spirit.  Spirit is a constant and is never changing although one can have experiences that SEEM to change.  

Physical existence is a constantly changing illusion that is kept alive in our mind via vibration-movement (aka thoughts-judgement) – i.e. NOT stillness.

Physical objects seem to exist in our density, and also in other densities.  They can also seem to exist in other dimensions – both time and space.

Therefore any physical manifestation used as a vehicle for spirit to have an experience is temporary and is illusion – it is a dream.

A physical body is not our home – no matter if that body appears to be a human being living on Earth, a grey alien from Orion, a rock on top of a mountain, a Star, a Galaxy, or any other seemingly real physical object. Even though we may be able to have an experience of 'being' that object temporarily.

The Universe is alive and so are the Galaxies, Stars, and Planets that seem to be in It (because EVERYTHING is alive).  But what makes the Universe appear to exist at all?

If you study "A Course in Miracles", "The Law of One", or some other spiritual teachings, you will find that those teachings proclaim that judgement makes illusion – and illusion disappears when one forgives.

The type of forgiveness I am referring to is NOT the commonly understood definition that many religions teach.  

Many religions teach a type of forgiveness that is commonly demonstrated as follows:

"Someone has done something wrong, but I'm gonna let it go."

If you look at the world's definition of 'forgiveness', you can fairly easily see that it is merely judgement masquerading as forgiveness.

True Forgiveness can be demonstrated as follows:

"Everyone is completely innocent and NO ONE has done anything wrong – EVER!  Everything is perfect all the time and there are no accidents."

It is interesting to note that "A Course in Miracles" presents the idea that forgiveness is the key requirement for breaking the cycle of birth and death. In fact, I have often said that "A Course in Miracles" could have easily been named "A Course in Forgiveness".

In "The Disappearance of the Universe", Gary Renard makes the point that the ONLY way to stop the cycle of reincarnation is through forgiveness.

Why do you think forgiveness is so important in "A Course in Miracles" and DU?  Why do you think "The Law of One" states that "forgiveness stops the wheel of karma"?

It is because judgment makes illusion and forgiveness releases judgement!

Judgement is the tool we use to keep the illusion of separateness alive in our mind.

It is the reason we see what we see.  It is the reason the Universe appears to be real.  It is the reason there appears to be a 'me' and a 'you'.

Once you release ALL judgement (i.e. forgive EVERYTHING), and ultimately when you are ready to release your attachment to the idea of a 'self' that exists separate from anything else, YOU WILL EXPERIENCE ONENESS WITH EVERYTHING!!!


Because you ARE Everything!

There is nothing wrong with experiencing the physical as real.  Just as there is nothing wrong with believing a lie to be true. And thankfully, Truth is not affected by our beliefs at all.

Neither is our True Nature (which is spirit) affected by our belief system. Our True Nature is a constant and is never changing.  But our EXPERIENCE is one of constant change!  

Why is that?

Instead of giving you the answer, I'm going to introduce you to a book that may be helpful in recognizing the similarities between "A Course in Miracles" and "The Law of One".  It has been a wonderful 'tie in' book for me that may provide the answer for you once you read it enough times.  (it will take at least three times reading through it to completely absorb what it is really saying)

It is not channeled material like "A Course in Miracles" and "The Law of One".  Instead, it is a first person account of a 10-day period of experiences that Michel Desmarquet had in 1987.  

The book is called "Thiaoouba Prophecy" and you can download a PDF file of it for free at http://www.thiaoouba.com. It is totally and completely free. You can order it (for free) on their website if you want. 

I am now on my 7th time reading this 186 page document.  I do believe it is completely true.  And I believe that the book needs to be read by EVERYONE who is interested in awakening to the Truth of Who they are – although I will warn you that there are some ideas presented in the book that you will not want to believe on the first couple of readings.

It has clarified many things for me.  And it has reminded me of the importance of meditation and the reason we are having this experience of living on planet Earth at this time.

Recognizing that "all physical objects are symbols and are therefore illusory", is a concept required in order to see common principles presented in all four books (ACIM, LOO, DU and Thiaoouba).  This includes Planet Earth, Galaxies, Stars, and ultimately your body.

But how does judgement make the universe and how does forgiveness make it disappear?  

Because our beliefs are all powerful.  "As you believe, so it is for you" is a quote attributed to Jesus in the bible.  And it is completely true.

If we believe someone is 'guilty' then we have the experience that there is a 'me' and a 'something else' that is guilty; because we project the guilt ONTO that which we have denied!

What have we denied? We have denied that we are them! Now there seems to be twoness instead of only oneness.

BAM! There is the separation experience instantly!

Judgment keeps that illusion alive in our mind through our belief collapsing infinite potential into what we 'expect' to see thus making the physical appear to be 'real'. It 'makes' an 'us' and a 'them' to satisfy the belief you have. Infinite potential then appears to become finite objects limited by the belief you have placed upon them.

However, have you ever asked yourself why a One Infinite Creator would want or need anything since it already IS EVERYTHING?

I have.  And when you ask that question and are willing to suspend all belief, and are willing to accept what your Higher Self is willing to share with you, you will be amazed at the answer!

There is a REASON for the 'veil of forgetfulness'.  There is a reason apparent 'evil' is allowed to exist.  There is a reason for EVERYTHING!  There is also order within chaos.

"The world was over a long time ago." is a quote from "A Course in Miracles".  This idea was something I could not grasp for many years.  But after asking HS for an explanation, I got one.  And the answer I got I share many times during my talks with David Wilcock at our Divine Cosmos Conferences.

If you are interested in what HS gives me, you can download my podcasts (for free) from my website where I discuss this and many more topics here:


So hopefully, I have convinced you to 'go within' and find the answers for yourself.  All I can share with you is my interpretation of what HS gives me.  But if you go within, you will get answers that are PERFECT for you!

You ALREADY KNOW what the answers are!  But you have 'forgotten' (or 'hidden' from yourself) Who you Truly Are.

You have filled your mind with questions, doubt, and a false belief that you already know things and you want to be right above all else.  But if you are not willing to be shown the Truth and have a false belief, how can you possibly have room for the Truth in your Heart when you've already filled it with a false belief?

Wouldn't you first need to be willing to be wrong? 

Have you ever asked yourself if you would rather be right or happy?   What if being happy meant you were completely wrong about everything you believed in up to now?  Would you be willing to give up your beliefs for Truth above all?

Even if you're not, it doesn't matter.  There is no score keeping.  There is no game to 'win' here.  The REAL you cannot be harmed in this game of 'false identity' being 'human' for a while.

You will ALWAYS be You and you will ALWAYS be perfect!

You only need to quiet the mind (i.e. return to stillness – no vibrations), be still an instant and go home, and be willing to suspend your expectations and beliefs.  Your 'higher self' which is also known as 'Holy Spirit' or spirit guides knows the Truth about You and will give you the answers you seek just as soon as you're willing to listen with an open heart.