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So, You Wanna Make a CD?

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Radio Shows

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Topic: There Is No Me Without You
Teaching: Awakenings: There Is No Me Without You
Host: Larry Seyer
Copyright: © A Course in Miracles - NTI

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It is impossible for part of Everything to exist outside of Everything.

Everything includes all things, which includes You!

Our paths have crossed countless times, but only in our dreams can we imagine that we are not One in the Same.

Because in Truth, there is only one of us here.

You and I are One. Always have been, always will be. There is no separation and no division between us.

How can we change our mind about what we believe to be true?

First, we must be willing to let go of the idea of 'me' and 'you'. There is no 'me' and there is no 'you'.

There is only One of us here.

Is it possible experience events that we perceive as 'outside' of ourselves and not judge them?

Is it possible to notice things and not be affected by them at all?


But in order to do that, we must forgive (accept) them completely.

If we would accept Everything as it is and not judge it as being anything other than what it is, we are free to see Truth as it is instead of as we think it should be.

Peace is the goal... forgiveness (acceptance) is the path.

When we let go of what we are attached to we are free. It is because of our attachment to our long held beliefs that we experience lack. It is because of our beliefs that we can experience something that is Not Truth.

In reality, there is ONLY Truth - but being completely free (as we are) we can choose to not see it. We can play pretend that Truth does not exist and make up our own version of the way we would like things to be.

When someone approaches you and does something to upset you, do you accept what they have done as 'perfect'? Or do you judge it as unacceptable?

Unacceptable is a code word for 'I think I know what is best for me'.

Notice the words 'think' and 'me'... they are the key that the unacceptable thought is not true.

Literally Everything that appears to happen in your life is perfect. You have called upon it to be so and it is so.

However, it was made on an unconscious level. And this is where forgiveness (acceptance) is so important.

One must recognize when one is conflicted and one cannot do that if one is constantly saying 'yes' and 'no' at the same time.

It is so common for people in this world to say one thing and mean another, it has almost become the accepted form of communication.

There is nothing wrong with it, but it fosters conflict instead of peace.

To be at peace, first one must choose peace above all else.

This means that you must choose peace on both a conscious level AND an unconscious level.

Since many of the experiences we seem to have in this world were made as choices on an unconscious level, and since our conscious mind is not aware of those decisions, one can see how conflict occurs.

How does one change one's mind at an unconscious level?

You must turn your mind off and stop your thinking. Just stop.

By this I do not mean you must die. Not at all - there is no death!

What I mean is that one must quiet the mind to the point where it is still... in stillness lies the answer to every question you have, every conflict you seem to experience, and it is the pathway to peace.

The world would have you believe that nothing exists in a vacuum - that there is something where nothing exists.

This is impossible.

Where all thoughts cease and nothing has been judged is peace.

In stillness is the potential for Everything to be made manifest. Indeed, it is exactly where Everything lives.

And in the quieting of your mind, you will reconnect with your Source (i.e. Everything)

It already knows what you want, what you need, and what is best for you. You need do nothing at all.

Simply turn your thoughts off and listen to the stillness of your Source direct you in Trust.

It may not be in words, although it can be in words. It can come in many forms.

But whatever form it takes will be perfect for you at that particular moment.

It always is - it can only BE perfect if we simply Rest, Accept, and Trust.

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