ACIM Awakenings Podcast

ACIM Awakenings Podcast

Weekly ACIM Podcast

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Each week on Tuesday morning's at 9AM I teach "Awakenings" on ACIM Gather,, and iTunes.

So, You Wanna Make a CD?

So, You Wanna Make a CD?

Production Basics

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There are some things you need to know first.

Radio Shows

Radio Shows

Weekly Radio Shows ACIM & TMDD Podcasts

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Each week, I host two radio shows.  ACIM Podcast and also TMDD Podcast.  Read more about what they are.

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Topic: NTI Daily Lesson: NTI Colossians Chapter 1
Teaching: NTI Daily Lesson: NTI Colossians Chapter 1
Host: Larry Seyer
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Can One equal two? (1 = 2?)

No, of course not! One is One!   But One can be viewed as two, or three, or infinity.

Whether or not we view One as many, or One as Everything, does not change what One IS. Our beliefs or our viewing of One only has an effect on what our experience is - which is a direct result of our beliefs and expectations of what we want to see (our desires).

And NTI says that the world is the result of asking the question 'What would happen if everything was not as it was?'.

It should be clear by now, that the path back to the awareness of who you Truly are requires you to give up your current set of beliefs. Nothing you believe can change who you are, nor can it change what IS!

It can, however, provide a multitude of experiences. Some of which you have judged to be pleasurable. And some of them you have judged to be painful.

Nothing is either pleasurable or painful - only your judgments and beliefs have taken infinity and subdivided the One into parts you have named 'pleasurable' and 'painful'.

Give up your beliefs! Let go of everything you hold onto as being 'you' and see that you give up nothing!

And in the giving up of nothing, you have the experience of being what you truly are - Everything!

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