Radio Shows

Radio Shows

Weekly Radio Shows ACIM & TMDD Podcasts

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Each week, I host two radio shows.  ACIM Podcast and also TMDD Podcast.  Read more about what they are.

ACIM Awakenings Podcast

ACIM Awakenings Podcast

Weekly ACIM Podcast

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Each week on Tuesday morning's at 9AM I teach "Awakenings" on ACIM Gather,, and iTunes.

So, You Wanna Make a CD?

So, You Wanna Make a CD?

Production Basics

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There are some things you need to know first.

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We are happy to report that Apple has (finally) fixed iTunes so that you may now load our MP3 files once again.
Please update your iTunes to the latest version (as of March 2012, it is Version 10.6.1) and you will be able to (once again) drag and drop our MP3 files into iTunes for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. (thank you Apple!!!)

We are aware of an issue with playing MP3 files with the latest three versions of iTunes.
After doing much research we have found that it is a problem with iTunes (the latest three versions only) and not with our files.
Since version 10.5.1, iTunes has had a bug in it where it would not allow 320kbs MP3 files to be imported into it.
Version 10.5.0 allows it, but 10.5.1, 10.5.2, and 10.5.3 do not.
I have been talking to senior tech support at Apple about this and they are aware of their problem and are working on a solution.  But it probably won't happen until a future iTunes update. sells the highest quality 320kbs MP3 files and unfortunately, none of them will load into iTunes now.  It is a frustrating problem with no solution except to wait for Apple to fix their bug.
As you probably already know, our 320kbs MP3 files will load and play into ALL other players INCLUDING Apple's own Quicktime player.
We have confirmed that there is nothing wrong with our files, although there is nothing we can do for our customers who are using only iTunes to play their mp3 files.
As a temporary work-around, we suggest using Quicktime to play them until Apple fixes iTunes. There is another way to get the files onto your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, but it takes a bit of doing.  Go the app store and download the free 'Dropbox' utility.
Then install 'dropbox' on your desktop (also available free on
Once you installed Dropbox on both your iPhone (or iPad, iPod) and your desktop, simply drag the mp3 files into your Dropbox folder.
Dropbox will then sync the mp3 files onto your iPhone (or iPad, or iPod).
You will then be able to play them on your iPhone (or iPad, or iPod)
All the best to you!
LarrySeyer Team


OK. At this point you got your email, you clicked on the link from inside the email, and you got to your dedicated niche on the site, available for a short time, where you clicked on download links.

Then you downloaded the files successfully. Good. Now you might be wondering why they are not playing when you dragged and dropped them into Itunes. It didn't work, did it? Here's why: they are not yet MP3 files! You jumped the gun, my friend!

Each file you downloaded does not end in .mp3 -- it ends in .zip.

Zip files are compressed files that contain data inside of them. This makes the files a lot smaller, and your downloads a lot faster. You cannot play zip files.

However, both Macs and PCs have the ability to extract data from the zip files and place those files onto your desktop. The size of the files gets larger once they are extracted.


OK. Look for the .zip files that you downloaded from our site. Once you have found them, click on them. Just an ordinary double-click with the left button on a PC, or a single click on a Mac. In either case, you should then see a window open with the MP3 files inside it.

Drag the MP3 files from that window onto your desktop.

Once you have those MP3 files on your desktop, you can simply click on them to listen to them. (Both Mac's and PC's can play MP3 files simply by clicking on them. In either case it will use whatever MP3 player you have set as your default. Every operating system has default players.)

Make sure your speakers are turned on, the volume knob is turned up, and you've already confirmed that other sources of audio -- like when you watch streaming videos online, for example -- are functioning properly and can be heard.


If you want to burn CD's of the mp3 files, you will need some sort of CD burner and software to convert the mp3 files into standard CD audio format.

Simply copying the mp3 files onto a CD will not make a CD that is playable in most CD players. (However, SOME CD players can play MP3 files directly, most cannot).

Both Windows Media Player (the default MP3 player on PCs) and Itunes (the default on Macs) have options you can find easily, which allow you to make a "playlist" and burn a CD.


Windows XP/Vista Mac OS-X
Click here to read instructions for Microsoft Windows Click here to read instructions for Mac OS-X

In Itunes, make sure all the tracks you want on your CD are checked in the boxes to the left. Make sure everything you DON'T want on the CD is unchecked. Also make sure you haven't checked more than 68 minutes of audio at once, or else it won't all fit on one disc.

Each section of "The Science of Peace" WILL fit on one CD... but Music Volume I is 117 minutes. Find eight minutes worth of tracks that don't quite do it for you (easy since they're all fairly long) and make a mix out of what remains. One simple decision is to uncheck "The Journey" short version, since the Extended Version has all the same stuff, just more of it... and the 'short' version weighs in at eight minutes.

Then go to File at the top left, and click "Burn Playlist to a Disc." Follow the instructions, insert a suitable CD-R into your drive, and you should be good to go.

In Windows Media Player, once you have the MP3 open, hit Pause (the two vertical lines) so it is not playing. Click on the button in the top middle of your screen that says "Burn". Then drag all the tracks you want on your CD over to the right, where it says "Drag items here to create a burn list." Click "Start Burn", follow the instructions, insert a suitable CD-R into your drive, say five Hail Marys, send us a huge donation, and you should be good to go.


If you have purchased the "Access Your Higher Self" video and English is not your native language there is a trick you can do on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod which will slow the video playback for you.

The video player on the iPhone and iPod touch has a hidden feature that lets you view video in slow-motion. It slows-down the audio, too.

First, pause a video or movie just before the portion you'd like to view. Then, hold down the fast-forward control. The video will play in slow-motion as long as you hold-down the fast-forward control.

Use slow-motion to:

  • See more detail in a fast moving movie trailer
  • Watch an extra funny segment in a YouTube video in slow-mo
  • Review a video tutorial slowly to catch all the steps
  • Replay fast-moving dialog in a movie to really hear what they're saying
  • Slow-seek through a video podcast segment for a piece of information

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larryseyer Binti Bailey and I will be at the Hilton Mololo lounge tonight from 8-11PM. I would bet we're going to do some...
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larryseyer Playing the King Cam hotel for the first time tonight. Filling in for my friend Greg Shirley. It's almost throwing distance from our house.
larryseyer Tonight I'm at Tommy Bahama's doing what I love.
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