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Here is some of the music I have for sale (and also for free). Click the ‘play’ button to hear the tracks for the album you want to listen to.


Angels Guide Us

Soft, meditative instrumental tracks featuring soothing sounds and gentle melodies.

This is a project that was conceived by Larry Seyer as a follow up to his original “Elixirs for the Human Heart” CD. Ed Hoffman and Bill Milo were invited to participate in this endeavor. It was recorded and produced in Larry’s studio “Electric LarryLand”.



Merry Larry Christmas

Instrumental acoustic guitar versions of classic Christmas songs played by an award winning guitarist.

Larry Seyer (rhymes with FIRE) is a world class studio musician who gained national recognition as both a producer and engineer while living in Austin Texas. Merry Larry Christmas is a studio project recorded at the request of his parents and produced by one of his closest and best friends, Gary Powell.



Ides of March Spring Concert

Acoustic Guitar Instrumental Music written and performed live in front of a live audience

All songs were written ‘on the fly’ in front of that same audience. Many thanks to those who attended the concert as their ‘energy’ and responses directed me in what I would write and play in front of them. * No pre-recorded tracks were used for this



Elixirs For The Human Heart

New age meditation and healing music ambient and soothing.

Larry Seyer is a 9 time Grammy-award-winning producer, engineer, and musician who has been playing music for over 60 years.

The Science of Peace

The Science of Peace

Since this is the 10 year anniversary of the time that David and I released our first project together, I thought it appropriate that I tell the story of how it came about.

Sometime in 2004, I was listening to Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM. One of the guests that evening was a guy who claimed to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. His name was David Wilcock.

The show was interesting, but my main focus was on a website programming project I was working on for my recording studio in Austin Texas. The Art Bell show served the purpose of filling the normally super quiet atmosphere of my control room with something other than dead air.

For years, I have created and maintained my own websites. This activity dates back to my first webpages created way back in 1995 when Electric Larryland was first built. Although my original web pages were crude by today’s standards, they were part of a website that was both rare and alone back then. Eventually I learned how to create modern, attractive, and robust websites through the use of programming. And this is what I was working on that evening in 2004.

Many people do not know that I have been A Course in Miracles student/ teacher since 1988. It has helped me develop the ability to hear and listen to what I call intuitive prompts. These prompts are intuitive guidance impulses that everyone receives but many people block out.

I have listened to these prompts for most of my life and didn’t know what they were. They provide me with direction on how to proceed with various directions in my life. For instance, these prompts guided me to move from Missouri to Austin in 1978 and they have continued to guide me throughout all of my life.

At the conclusion of the Art Bell radio show’s airing, I got a strong prompt to call the guest on the show (David Wilcock) and schedule a reading. At that time, he was still doing personal readings which was his main source of income then.

I called the number provided on the show and reached his receptionist/booking agent and scheduled an appointment for a reading.

There was no appointment available until the following year (mid Jan 2005), so I told her to put my name on the list and to call me when my turn came up.

Months went by, and I completely forgot about the appointment. Then I got a call in January of 2005 from someone letting me know that it was time to do my reading.

I asked them what they were talking about since I had put the appointment out of my mind. After she explained what it was, I remembered that I had booked the time for the reading several months prior.

David got on the phone and we introduced ourselves to each other. Then the reading took place. It lasted about an hour as I recall. I still have the recording somewhere in my archives. (It might be fun to listen to it again sometime. But I digress…)

At the end of the reading, we were discussing what I did for a living. After I told him I was a music producer and musician, David informed me that he was a musician also. This was not as surprising of a fact as one might imagine since most musicians are intuitive by nature.

We chatted lightly about music, instruments and miscellaneous other related topics when I got a prompt to tell him about some of my awards. Normally I don’t mention them as it seems to me to be a sort of boasting that is not in line with my way of living. Mentioning awards tends to cheapen the value of both me and the award when they are held to be some sort of claim to be special sort of thing. In reality an award just means that a group of your peers appreciates what you do. So normally, I do not tell people I have awards.

When I received the prompt and subsequently told him I had won 9 Grammy Awards, he got very excited which led to discussions about some of the people I had worked with and where the awards had come from. He also told me who some of his musical idols were.

It was at this point that I got yet another prompt to tell him we were going to do a project together. Little did I know that everybody tells David they want to do a project with him. But I didn’t know that – and I was simply following guidance.

When I told him I thought we were going to do a project together, he got silent for a short time. Then he replied that he thought that we were supposed to work together also.

We discussed when a good time would be to get together to work on one and it turned out that both of us were available the following month. (Feb 2005).

David drove his car from Kentucky (which is where he was staying at the time), to our house in Austin and ended up staying with us for two weeks.

During that time we recorded our first project together.

After recording the project, neither one of us knew what was going to happen to it. So David left and returned back to his home and I put the master recordings for the project on the shelf in my archive space.

The project sat on that shelf for 2 years. During that time, I helped David convert his website from a simple Dreamweaver based website to the much more powerful Content Management System called Joomla.

Two years had passed since we first recorded the project and neither one of us had received any calls from a distributor who might be interested in our project, so in February 2007 I called David and asked him what he thought we should do with it.

Together, we decided we should sell it online ourselves. I told him I could create a sales portal on his website and we could start selling it directly to his readers.

So this is exactly what we did. And the project is still available today on his website.

What was the project?

The Science of Peace

Trump Power Wall

Trump Power Wall

Now this is a good idea!

(use Google translate to read)

From Google Translate:

Is there really soon built a wall between Mexico and the US, now Trump has been chosen as the new president? If it is up to us is that wall in any case super durable! Trump Power Wall is a solution that is sustainable energy to Mexico and while money is made by the US Combined with greenhouses, a Trump Agro Power Wall, shows the concept of how many possibilities there are for both countries and the climate.

Trump Power Wall

Clickspring Antikythera reBuild

Clickspring Antikythera reBuild

I have been fascinated with the Antikythera mechanism ever since I found out about it a few years ago.

The Antikythera mechanism an ancient analogue computer used to predict astronomical positions and eclipses for calendrical and astrological purposes.

Because modern historians believed that the Greeks were incapable of this much knowledge of celestial bodies movements.

Obviously, they were wrong.

I have believed for a long time now that our version of man’s history is not accurate. And in fact, we are not the first advanced civilization to inhabit this planet.

When the mechanism was found, it was encased in a lump of rust and sediment on the sea floor off the Greek island of Antikythera in 1901.

A company called Clickspring has taken on the challenge of rebuilding this ancient machine in a most beautiful way.

And you have follow along with their build. Click on the following link to see a YouTube video explaining their building process:


A New Form of Matter?

A New Form of Matter?

Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma, Crystal, and now Time Crystals!

The world gets more interesting every day!

Normal crystals, likes diamond, are an atomic lattice that repeats in space, but physicists recently suggested making materials that repeat in time. Last year, UC Berkeley’s Norman Yao sketched out the phases surrounding a time crystal and what to measure in order to confirm that this new material is actually a stable phase of matter. This stimulated two teams to build a time crystal, the first examples of a non-equilibrium form of matter.

I wonder if this relates to what Corey Goode & David Wilcock talk about in Cosmic Disclosure when they described the Crystals that are worshipped by the Inner Earth Groups.

In loudspeaker applications, crystals are used as transducers for high frequency reproduction. This is called the Piezoelectric Effect. There is a connection between physical stress on a crystal and the sound it produces.

In electronic circuit applications, crystals are used as resonating devices to stabilize the frequency of oscillators.

A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit that uses the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric material to create a precise frequency.

Now that we know that crystals are connected to time, it’s only a matter of time (Pun intended) before we use them with regards to time manipulation.

Maybe given enough time, we can skip ahead to another point in time when we have figured out all the things we are having difficulties with now.

The Choice

Austin Rainbow

There is evidence that group subconsciousness affects individual consciousness.

Now, during this time of instant communication via Facebook, we have a tool that facilitates aligning our consciousnesses. It is no surprise that extremism is on the rise. 

So we must be mindful of what we post on Social Media – hate brings more fear.  Forgivenss brings more peace.

The choice is ours.