Here is some of the music I have for sale (and also for free). Click the ‘play’ button to hear the tracks for the album you want to listen to.


Angels Guide Us

Soft, meditative instrumental tracks featuring soothing sounds and gentle melodies.

This is a project that was conceived by Larry Seyer as a follow up to his original “Elixirs for the Human Heart” CD. Ed Hoffman and Bill Milo were invited to participate in this endeavor. It was recorded and produced in Larry’s studio “Electric LarryLand”.



Merry Larry Christmas

Instrumental acoustic guitar versions of classic Christmas songs played by an award winning guitarist.

Larry Seyer (rhymes with FIRE) is a world class studio musician who gained national recognition as both a producer and engineer while living in Austin Texas. Merry Larry Christmas is a studio project recorded at the request of his parents and produced by one of his closest and best friends, Gary Powell.



Ides of March Spring Concert

Acoustic Guitar Instrumental Music written and performed live in front of a live audience

All songs were written ‘on the fly’ in front of that same audience. Many thanks to those who attended the concert as their ‘energy’ and responses directed me in what I would write and play in front of them. * No pre-recorded tracks were used for this



Elixirs For The Human Heart

New age meditation and healing music ambient and soothing.

Larry Seyer is a 9 time Grammy-award-winning producer, engineer, and musician who has been playing music for over 60 years.