Topic: How To Feel Great All The Time
Teaching: Awakenings: How To Feel Great All The Time
Host: Larry Seyer

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Do you feel great all the time? If you do not, have you ever asked yourself why you do not?

Sure, there may be reasons you believe are reasonable – like when the body is sick, or when you stub your toe.

But what about when someone steals your car? Do you still feel great then? Or what about when someone runs a red light and DESTROYS your car?

Why do we not feel great then?

You may believe it is natural to not feel great during those times, but ACIM tells us that when we make judgements, we experience pain and suffering.

Could it possibly be this is the reason? What if the idea from ACIM WAS true?

What if the reason we experience pain and suffering was because we have judged a situation as something OTHER than what we wanted?

Well, what causes us to WANT something different from what we currently have?

Could it be that little thing we did that we buried deep within our sub-conscious?

Could it be the judgement we made of that event that it was NOT perfect?

Today we discuss how we can feel perfect, all the time, no matter what our circumstances are.

And how do we do that?

Simply forgiving and accepting everything as WHOLE and PERFECT as it is RIGHT NOW and releasing the desire for something to be different than what it is.

And how do we do that?

We must first be willing to change our minds. Then we must be willing to be shown how it can be viewed differently.

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  • Feelings
  • Judgement
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