This is a partial list of some of the artists that I have recorded over the last 40+ years. Their mention on this WEB page is merely a statement that I have recorded them or mixed one or more of the projects they have worked on or worked for them in some other audio recording capacity.

Some of these works are listed on Barnes And Noble and some of my film credits are listed on IMDB ... and even other stuff is at All Music


Adams, Amy Demos :
Adams, Ashley Demos :
Adkins, Trace Record :
Ailey, Mike Demos :
Albert, Christine Commercials/Records :
Aldrich, Mike RecordUS Air Force Band :
Aldrich, Diane Demos :
Alexander, Charles Commercials :
Alexander, Tim Records :
Allsop, Tommy Records :
Armstrong, Brad Film Score (unfortunately he still owes me money for the score for 'El Puente') :
Arp, Wyatt Demos :
Arrendondo, Evan Demos/Records :
Atchley, Amy Record :
Atkins, Chet Record :


Ball, Marcia Records :
Barton, Lou Ann Records :
Beck, Roscoe Demos/Records :
Beckwith, Tony Movie :
Benedict, Laura Demos/Records :
Benson, Ray Records/Demos/Film Scores/CommercialsAsleep At The Wheel :
Bigley, Ivan Film Scores :
Black, Clint Record :
Black, Jimmy Carl Records :
Bogguss, Suzie Record :
Bone, Ponty Records :
Bowden, Richard RecordsThe Austin Lounge Lizards :
Bozzio, Terry IMAX Film Score/Record :
Bradford, Carmen Record :
Brooks, Garth RecordTribute To The Music of Bob Wills :
Brotherton, Rich Demos/Record :
Brown, Sarah CDTrio album with Marcia Ball, Angela Strehli, and Lou Ann Barton :
Brown, Jonathan David Records/Demos :
Brumley, Tom Demos/Records :
Brunsun, Keith Films :
Bruton, Stephen Films/Record :
Buchanan, Bucky Demos/Record :
Bullock, Bob Record :
Buskirk, Jim Van Engineer :
Byrd, Tracy Record :


Card, Hank RecordsThe Austin Lounge Lizards :
Carper, Keith Demos :
Cashdollar, Cindy Records/Demo :
Chestnut, Mark Records :
Cissell, Tim Demos :
Clark, Dave Demos :
Clausnitzer, Neal Demos/RecordBands :
Clawson, Cynthia Record :
Clise, John Demos :
Cobb, John Films :
Colbert, Bill Demos :
Colvin, Shawn Record :
Connell, Rick Demos/Records :
Covill, Bill Films :
Cox, Bubba Demos/Records :
Cravens, Chris Record/Demo :


Dacus, Mindy Commercials/Film Score :
Daniels, Lynn Demos/Records :
Darling, Helen Record/Demo :
Davis, Stephanie Record :
Davis, Mike Demos :
Day, Jimmy Demos/Record :
Decker, Oscar Commercial/Records :
Deisler, Conrad RecordsThe Lounge Lizards :
Demaine, Jess Demos/Records :
Demetry, Chip Demos :
Dennis, Randy Demos :
Denny, Roland Demos :
Dickey, Dan Films/CD's/Records :
Dieter, Danny Demos :
Dildy, Bob Record :
Dillow, Jeff Demos :
Ditto, Terri Demos :
Ditto, Chuck Demos/Records :
Dixon, Patti Demos/Records :
Dominguez, Ray Demos :
Domino, Floyd Demos/Records/Film Scores :
Downs, Lila Movie :
Dressen, Al Records :
Durbin, Jed Demos :
Dykes, Dave Demo :


Elders, Gene Demos/Records/Commercials :
Ely, John Demos/Records :
Erwin, Martie RecordsThe Dixie Chicks :
Erwin, Emily RecordsThe Dixie Chicks :
Eskew, Noel Demos :
Espinoza, Miguel IMAX Film Score/Record :


Fant, Gina Demo :
Firmature, Gina Demo :
Fisher, Peter Record :
Florez, Rosie Record :
Franklin, Larry Demos/Records :
Franklin, Paul Commercial :


Garretson, Paul Demos :
Garrison, Gordon Records/Demos :
Garza, Liz Demos/Record :
Gatlin, Larry Demos/Record :
Gill, Vince Record :
Gimble, Johnny Demos/Records :
Ginsel, Stan Films/Demos/Records/Commercials :
Glasse, Paul Demos/Records :
Golden, Mary Records :
Gonzalas, Lee Film Score (unfortunately he still owes me money for the score for 'El Puente') :
Green, Brian Demos/Records/Commercials :
Gremillion, Liz Demo/Record :


Haggard, Merle Record :
Hale, Tom Demos/Records :
Hamilton, Gidget Demos/Records :
Hancock, Wayne Record :
Harney, Rich Demos/Records :
Harper, Jo and Dion Demos/Records :
Harrison, Paul Demos/Records :
Hart, Pam Demos/Records :
Hawk, Danny Demos/Record :
Hawn, Goldie RecordTribute to the Beatles (with George Martin) :
Hayden, Bob Demos/Records :
Heilpern, Slim Beta Tester for Texture :
Hellmer, Jeff Demos/Records :
Hill, Tommy Demos/Records :
Hilton, Mike Records :
Hines, KJ Record :
Hinojosa, Tish Records :
Hoffman, Ed Demos/Record :
Holden, Tom Demos/Records :
Holden, Tobin Film :
Houston, Robin Demos/Record :
Howard, Candice Demos/Record :
Howdy, Boy Record :
Huckabee, Ronnie Demos/Records :
Huckabee, Dan Record :
Huff, Leslie Demos/Record :
Huffman, Heather Demos/Records :
Hurst, Miles Videos :
Hutto, Stuart Demos/Records :


Ingles, Adrienne Films/CD's/Records :
Inmon, John Demos/Records :
Irwin, Dicky Lee Demo :
Irwin, Don Records :


Joe, Billy Record :
Johnson, Eric Demos/Record :
Jones, Mike / Rita Demos/Records :
Jones, Russ Demos :
Jordan, Stanley Record :


Kalish, Howard Demos :
Kaye, Mady Demos/Record :
Keen, Robert Earl Record :
Ketchem, Hal Film/Record :
King, Catherine Record :
Knox, Sandy Demos :
Knox, Ed Record :
Kolbe, Diane Demo :
Kolbe, Lloyd Film :
Koster, Nick Demo :
Krc, Fred Demos/Records :
Kyle, David Demos/Records :
Kyle, Mary Margaret Records/Demos :
Kyle, Terry Demos/Records :
Kyle, Francis Ann Demos/Records :


Landreth, Sonny Films/Record :
Landschoot, Mike Demos :
Lavine, Howard Record :
Levin, Danny Demos/Records :
Lewis, Huey Record :
Lewis, Marty Record :
Livingston, Bob Demos/Records :
Long, Lisa Demos :
Long, Patricia M. CD's and demosEngineer/Musician :
Lorance, V. J. Record :
Lovett, Lyle Records :
Loy, Sarah Demos/Record :
Loy, Rachael Demos/Record :
Lynch, Harry IMAX Film Score/Record :
Lynn, Janet Records :


MacArthur, Benny Demos/Records/Commercials :
Macy, Robin RecordsThe Dixie Chicks :
Maddox, Gary Record :
Maines, Lloyd Records/Demos :
Marek, Joyce Demos :
Marino, Luke Records :
Markham, Pete Records :
Marshall, Craig Record :
Martin, George RecordTribute to the Beatles (with George Martin) :
Martin, Chris Demos/Records/Commercials :
Mattern, Ed Demos :
McBride, Terry Demos/Record :
McBride, Dale Demos/Records :
McConaghy, Kira Lynn Demos/Record :
McConaughey, Matthew FilmsDazed and Confused :
McCray, Rick Demos/Record :
McDurmot, Joe Demos/Records :
McGraw, Tim Record :
McIntyre, Reba Record :
McKay, Kris Demo :
Meeker, Elijah Demo :
Meisenbach, Bert Records :
Menthol, Donna Demo(One of the first people I recorded in Texas) :
Meza, Becky Demo :
Miller, Dave Records :
Miller, Pam Records :
Mitchell, Ed Record :
Mitchner, James Commercial/PSA :
Moore, Mark Demos/Record/Film :
Morales, Michael Demo :
Morris, Dave Demo :
Morrow, Chuck Demo :
Mulligan, Malford Commercials :
Murphy, Andy Records/Demos :
Murrell, Tommy Records :
Mustin, Al Record/VideosPeak Performance Institute :


Nelson, Willie Films/Records/Demo :
Nero, Bernie Records :
Neubert, Scott Demos :
Nix, Jody Record :
Noguescu, Craig Record :
Norton, Shanna Films/CD's/Records :
Nunn, Gary P. Record :


O'Brian, Derek Record :
O'Connell, Chris Demos :
Oceans, Lucky Record :
Oliver, Bill Demos :
Ostermeyer, Paul Demos/Records :
Overton, Larry Demo :
Owens, Andy Demos/Records :


Paisley, Brad Record :
Parnell, Lee Roy Demos/Record :
Parton, Dolly Film/Records :
Paul, Billy Record :
Pearcy, Paul Demos/Records :
Penberthy, Becky Record :
Peters, David Demos/Record :
Pierce, Tommy Demos/Record :
Pittman, Tom RecordsThe Lounge Lizards :
Pongetti, Kit Demo :
Powell, Gary Demos/Records/Films/Commercials :
Primich, Gary Demos :



Ramos, Ray Demo/Record :
Ramsey, Willis Allan Demos :
Rausch, Leon Records :
Rawson, Nick Demo/Record :
Rebennack, Mac (Dr. John) Record :
Remmington, Herbie Records :
Resnick, Robert "Boo" RecordsThe Lounge Lizards :
Rivera, Bert Demos :
Rodewald, Mike Demo :
Rodriges, Johnny Record :
Runion, Jeanie Demos/Record :


Sandifer, Philip Demos/Records :
Sanger, Dave Demos/Records :
Sanger, George Game Score :
Satterwhite, Brian IMAX Film Score/Record :
Schooler, Rebecca Record :
Scruggs, Joe Records/Video :
Seaton, La Scynda Demo :
Shamblin, Eldon Record :
Shaw, Terry Demos :
Shelton, Ricky Van Commercial :
Sickle, Kirt Van Record :
Singleton, Bruce Record :
Skiles, Robert "Dude" Records :
Skrimpshire, Richard Demos :
Slechta, Gary Film :
Smith, Berry "Frosty" Demos :
Smith, Darden Demos :
Specter, Myra Demos/Commercials :
Stanton, Tim Commercials :
Starnes, Spencer Demos/Records/Films :
Starr, Wes Demos :
Stern, Suzie Demos/Records :
Strait, George Record :
Stroud, James Commercial :
Stuart, Marty Record :
Sturms, Jeff Demos :
Swanson, Rusty Demo :


Tatum, Vic Demos :
Taylor, Karla Demos :
Tillis, Pam Record :
Torres, Emilio Films/CD's/Records :
Transfer, Manhattan Record :
Trenka, Jill Records :
Tribe, Unifed Records/Demos/Videos :
Tull, Laura Lynch RecordsThe Dixie Chicks :
Turner, Loretta Demos :
Tyler, Wink Demos/Records/Commercials/Films :


Ulman, Beth Demos :
Um, Kwang Sam Film Score (The Way) :


Volkaert, Redd Records :


Walker, Clay Record :
Walker, Dexter Demos/Records/Commercials :
Walser, Don Records :
Warner, Steve Record :
Watkins, Mitch Demos/Records :
Watson, Dale Record :
White, John Demos :
Wilcock, David CDs :
Williams, Kerry Demos :
Winds, Wild Basin Records :
Womack, Lee Ann Record :
Wonder, Patty Demo :
Wynans, Reece Demos/Records :



Yokum, Dwight Record :


Zetner, Dave Demos :
Zippers, Squirrel Nut Record :

302 artists are listed on this page...

and there are probably more that I cannot remember.
(Sorry, please forgive me)

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