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What I Bring to the Table

Music Production

What I bring to the table. It is reasonable to ask what skills I would bring to the table when producing your audio project. First you need to know that audio recording and production has been my fulltime job for over 37 years now.  I've seen just about every kind of project...

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Nuendo Mixing Tips

Music Production

Organize Your Physical Work Area         Position Computer Monitor to be viewed without strain                Should be able to be viewed WITHOUT turning your head or moving your eyes                Set resolution as high as possible... (1600 X 1200 X 16k recommended)                Flat Panel monitors tend to look better than CRTs         Keyboard and...

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RCA BC-2b Schematics

Music Production

RCA BC-2b Schematics

Some have asked what I use for a vocal pre amp. I use a 1950's vintage RCA BC-2b which has been modified by me with a different front end and outputs. It still uses the 12AY7 tube, but the critical feature of the pre amp is the transformers. You MUST use the...

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How to Align Analog Tape Recorders

Music Production

Believe it or not, I have heard people say this... "I aligned this machine a couple of years ago...why should it need it so soon again?" This attitude has been a continued source of amazement to me. The fact that analog machines are living in an environment, which changes with humidity,...

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Automation Paradigms and Mixing System Design

Music Production

Not so many years ago the only mixing automation available to engineers was a group of people gathered around the mixing desk awaiting their turn to move a fader, pan or EQ at the right time... at the proper level. It seems almost unbelievable today compared with what we do commonly...

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ACIM Gather / PalTalk Access Instructions

ACIM Gather / PalTalk Access Instructions

ACIM General


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What is PalTalk? PalTalk is a website that provides software which makes it possible to have group meetings (of any…

About Electric LarryLand

About Electric LarryLand


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Founded in 1995 and named without any knowledge of a CD by a similar name, Electric LarryLand is my personal…

Clients (short list)

Clients (short list)


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Client List: (abbrev) A Amy Adams, Demos : Trace Adkins, Record : Mike Ailey, Demos : Christine Albert, Commercials/Records :…

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Client List: (abbrev)


Amy Adams, Demos :
Trace Adkins, Record :
Mike Ailey, Demos :
Christine Albert, Commercials/Records :
Mike Aldrich, Record US Air Force Band :
Charles Alexander, Commercials :
Tim Alexander, Records :
Tommy Allsop, Records :
Wyatt Arp, Demos :
Evan Arrendondo, Demos/Records :
Amy Atchley, Record :
Chet Atkins, Record :


Marcia Ball, Records :
Lou Ann Barton, Records :
Roscoe Beck, Demos/Records :
Tony Beckwith, Movie :
Laura Benedict, Demos/Records :
Ray Benson, Records/Demos/Film Scores/Commercials Asleep At The Wheel :
Ivan Bigley, Film Scores :
Clint Black, Record :
Jimmy Carl Black, Records :
Suzie Bogguss, Record :
Ponty Bone, Records :
Richard Bowden, Records The Austin Lounge Lizards :
Terry Bozzio, IMAX Film Score/Record :
Carmen Bradford, Record :
Garth Brooks, Record Tribute To The Music of Bob Wills :
Rich Brotherton, Demos/Record :
Sarah Brown, CD Trio album with Marcia Ball, Angela Strehli, and Lou Ann Barton :
Jonathan David Brown, Records/Demos :
Stephen Bruton, Films/Record :
Bob Bullock, Record :
Jim Van Buskirk, Engineer :
Tracy Byrd, Record :


Hank Card, Records The Austin Lounge Lizards :
Cindy Cashdollar, Records/Demo :
Mark Chestnut, Records :
Cynthia Clawson, Record :
Shawn Colvin, Record :
Rick Connell, Demos/Records :
Bill Covill, Films :
Bubba Cox, Demos/Records :
Chris Cravens, Record/Demo :


Mindy Dacus, Commercials/Film Score :
Lynn Daniels, Demos/Records :
Helen Darling, Record/Demo :
Stephanie Davis, Record :
Conrad Deisler, Records The Lounge Lizards :
Jess Demaine, Demos/Records :
Chip Demetry, Demos :
Randy Dennis, Demos :
Roland Denny, Demos :
Dan Dickey, Films/CD's/Records :
Chuck Ditto, Demos/Records :
Patti Dixon, Demos/Records :
Ray Dominguez, Demos :
Floyd Domino, Demos/Records/Film Scores :


Gene Elders, Demos/Records/Commercials :
John Ely, Demos/Records :
Martie Erwin, Records The Dixie Chicks :
Emily Erwin, Records The Dixie Chicks :
Noel Eskew, Demos :
Miguel Espinoza, IMAX Film Score/Record :


Gina Fant, Demo :
Gina Firmature, Demo :
Peter Fisher, Record :
Rosie Florez, Record :
Larry Franklin, Demos/Records :
Paul Franklin, Commercial :


Paul Garretson, Demos :
Gordon Garrison, Records/Demos :
Larry Gatlin, Demos/Record :
Vince Gill, Record :
Johnny Gimble, Demos/Records :
Stan Ginsel, Films/Demos/Records/Commercials :
Paul Glasse, Demos/Records :
Brian Green, Demos/Records/Commercials :
Liz Gremillion, Demo/Record :


Merle Haggard, Record :
Tom Hale, Demos/Records :
Gidget Hamilton, Demos/Records :
Wayne Hancock, Record :
Rich Harney, Demos/Records :
Pam Hart, Demos/Records :
Goldie Hawn, Record Tribute to the Beatles (with George Martin) :
Bob Hayden, Demos/Records :
Slim Heilpern, Beta Tester for Texture :
Jeff Hellmer, Demos/Records :
Tommy Hill, Demos/Records :
Tish Hinojosa, Records :
Tom Holden, Demos/Records :
Tobin Holden, Film :
Robin Houston, Demos/Record :
Boy Howdy, Record :
Ronnie Huckabee, Demos/Records :
Leslie Huff, Demos/Record :
Heather Huffman, Demos/Records :


Adrienne Ingles, Films/CD's/Records :
John Inmon, Demos/Records :
Dicky Lee Irwin, Demo :
Don Irwin, Records :


Billy Joe, Record :
Eric Johnson, Demos/Record :
Mike / Rita Jones, Demos/Records :
Russ Jones, Demos :
Stanley Jordan, Record :


Howard Kalish, Demos :
Mady Kaye, Demos/Record :
Robert Earl Keen, Record :
Hal Ketchem, Film/Record :
Catherine King, Record :
Sandy Knox, Demos :
Ed Knox, Record :
Lloyd Kolbe, Film :
Fred Krc, Demos/Records :
David Kyle, Demos/Records :
Mary Margaret Kyle, Records/Demos :
Terry Kyle, Demos/Records :
Francis Ann Kyle, Demos/Records :


Sonny Landreth, Films/Record :
Mike Landschoot, Demos :
Howard Lavine, Record :
Danny Levin, Demos/Records :
Huey Lewis, Record :
Marty Lewis, Record :
Bob Livingston, Demos/Records :
Lisa Long, Demos :
Patricia M. Long, CD's and demos Engineer/Musician :
V. J. Lorance, Record :
Lyle Lovett, Records :
Sarah Loy, Demos/Record :
Rachael Loy, Demos/Record :
Harry Lynch, IMAX Film Score/Record :
Janet Lynn, Records :


Benny MacArthur, Demos/Records/Commercials :
Robin Macy, Records The Dixie Chicks :
Gary Maddox, Record :
Lloyd Maines, Records/Demos :
Joyce Marek, Demos :
Luke Marino, Records :
Pete Markham, Records :
Craig Marshall, Record :
George Martin, Record Tribute to the Beatles (with George Martin) :
Chris Martin, Demos/Records/Commercials :
Ed Mattern, Demos :
Terry McBride, Demos/Record :
Dale McBride, Demos/Records :
Kira Lynn McConaghy, Demos/Record :
Matthew McConaughey, Films Dazed and Confused :
Rick McCray, Demos/Record :
Joe McDurmot, Demos/Records :
Tim McGraw, Record :
Reba McIntyre, Record :
Kris McKay, Demo :
Elijah Meeker, Demo :
Bert Meisenbach, Records :
Donna Menthol, Demo (One of the first people I recorded in Texas) :
Becky Meza, Demo :
Dave Miller, Records :
Pam Miller, Records :
Ed Mitchell, Record :
James Mitchner, Commercial/PSA :
Mark Moore, Demos/Record/Film :
Michael Morales, Demo :
Dave Morris, Demo :
Chuck Morrow, Demo :
Malford Mulligan, Commercials :
Andy Murphy, Records/Demos :
Tommy Murrell, Records :
Al Mustin, Record/Videos Peak Performance Institute :


Willie Nelson, Films/Records/Demo :
Bernie Nero, Records :
Scott Neubert, Demos :
Jody Nix, Record :
Craig Noguescu, Record :
Shanna Norton, Films/CD's/Records :
Gary P. Nunn, Record :


Derek O'Brian, Record :
Chris O'Connell, Demos :
Lucky Oceans, Record :
Bill Oliver, Demos :
Paul Ostermeyer, Demos/Records :
Larry Overton, Demo :
Andy Owens, Demos/Records :


Brad Paisley, Record :
Dolly Pardon, Film/Records :
Lee Roy Parnell, Demos/Record :
Billy Paul, Record :
Paul Pearcy, Demos/Records :
Becky Penberthy, Record :
David Peters, Demos/Record :
Tommy Pierce, Demos/Record :
Tom Pittman, Records The Lounge Lizards :
Kit Pongetti, Demo :
Gary Powell, Demos/Records/Films/Commercials :
Gary Primich, Demos :


Ray Ramos, Demo/Record :
Willis Allan Ramsey, Demos :
Leon Rausch, Records :
Nick Rawson, Demo/Record :
Mac (Dr. John) Rebennack, Record :
Herbie Remmington, Records :
Robert "Boo" Resnick, Records The Lounge Lizards :
Bert Rivera, Demos :
Mike Rodewald, Demo :
Johnny Rodriges, Record :
Jeanie Runion, Demos/Record :


Philip Sandifer, Demos/Records :
Dave Sanger, Demos/Records :
George Sanger, Game Score :
Brian Satterwhite, IMAX Film Score/Record :
Rebecca Schooler, Record :
Joe Scruggs, Records/Video :
La Scynda Seaton, Demo :
Eldon Shamblin, Record :
Terry Shaw, Demos :
Ricky Van Shelton, Commercial :
Kirt Van Sickle, Record :
Bruce Singleton, Record :
Robert "Dude" Skiles, Records :
Richard Skrimpshire, Demos :
Gary Slechta, Film :
Berry "Frosty" Smith, Demos :
Darden Smith, Demos :
Myra Specter, Demos/Commercials :
Tim Stanton, Commercials :
Spencer Starnes, Demos/Records/Films :
Wes Starr, Demos :
Suzie Stern, Demos/Records :
George Strait, Record :
James Stroud, Commercial :
Marty Stuart, Record :
Jeff Sturms, Demos :
Rusty Swanson, Demo :


Vic Tatum, Demos :
Karla Taylor, Demos :
Pam Tillis, Record :
Emilio Torres, Films/CD's/Records :
Manhattan Transfer, Record :
Jill Trenka, Records :
Unifed Tribe, Records/Demos/Videos :
Laura Lynch Tull, Records The Dixie Chicks :
Loretta Turner, Demos :
Wink Tyler, Demos/Records/Commercials/Films :


Beth Ulman, Demos :
Kwang Sam Um, Film Score (The Way) :


Redd Volkaert, Records :


Clay Walker, Record :
Dexter Walker, Demos/Records/Commercials :
Don Walser, Records :
Steve Warner, Record :
Mitch Watkins, Demos/Records :
Dale Watson, Record :
John White, Demos :
David Wilcock, CDs :
Kerry Williams, Demos :
Wild Basin Winds, Records :
Lee Ann Womack, Record :
Patty Wonder, Demo :
Reece Wynans, Demos/Records :


Dwight Yokum, Record :


Dave Zetner, Demos :
Squirrel Nut Zippers, Record :