Topic: NTI Daily Lesson: Oneness
Teaching: NTI Daily Lesson: Oneness
Host: Larry Seyer
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Absolutely and completely there is and has always been a YOU! You are as real as Everything is. And there will ALWAYS be a You!

However the -you- referred to in "There is Only One of Us Here - And It's Not -you-" is not the 'Eternal' You that is Everything. Instead it refers to the -you- that believes it exists SEPARATE and ABOVE or BELOW Everything else.

This 'you' believes it is special and uniquely suffering from experiences totally out of its control. It believes that somehow it has gained a status greater than or less than something else and because of this it frequently blames that which it considers to be NOT 'it' for all of it's problems.

Today we examine this belief and hopefully jog your memory which points to the Truth of Who You are and with that vision dispel the thousands of other insane beliefs that this one belief inevitably brings with it.

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