My present wife (the former Karla Curtis Daugherty) and I were high school sweethearts through much of High School and some college.

For various reasons, we broke it off and started dating other people.

Shortly thereafter, I fell in love with and married my first wife Anita and Joined the Army.  Karla joined the Navy, moved to Hawaii, finished her tour, returned back to the states and fell in love with and married her first husband Bill.

The two of us lived completely seperate lives in seperate states for 18 years; She in Missouri and I here in Texas

We basically had no contact with each other for 18 years; spoke on the phone for about 5 minutes during one high school reunion that she attended and I did not...  and then met once during our 20 year high school reunion in Missouri.  I met her husband Bill for the first time then.

My first wife and I divorced in 1986 and I lived by myself (and sometimes with my son Adam) for several years.  It was fun and I needed the experience of living by myself, so I judge the time as a good thing for me.

One day in 1992 I was visiting my brother (who lived in Round Rock at the time).  We were sitting in his living room playing guitars and singing songs (like we usually do).

During one of the breaks from singing, I overheard my brother's mother-in-law say something to his wife.

They were talking about someone who had recently passed away.   I hollered out "Who are you talking about?"

She said "Oh, you know...  he's that guy that married that Curtis girl from Oran".  (our hometown).

"Do you mean Karla Curtis?"  I asked.

They said yes...  and I thought to myself that I needed to call Karla and give her my condolenses for the loss of her husband.

Weeks went by...  I couldn't make myself call her.   I just didn't think she would remember me and even if she did, why in the world would she want to talk to some old boyfriend while she was grieving the loss of her husband...  so I blew it off.

One Sunday evening my cousin Claudette (who lived near Karla at the time) called me out of the blue and asked "Larry, have you called Karla yet?"

I said that I had not...   Claudy said "Well hang up the phone and call her now!"

Still couldn't...  It took 3 hours of convincing from Claudette before I would have the nerve to call Karla and wish her my condolenses.

So after 3 hours on the phone with Claudy, I hung up the phone and rang Karla.

I said "Karla, this is Larry Seyer.  I don't know if you remember me or not, but I wanted to tell you how sorry I was to hear that you had lost your husband."

She was very upset over loosing Bill;  crying and still kind of a mess although it had been weeks since his passing...  It was still hard for her to cope with it.

We talked for over 3 hours on the phone catching up on things...  it was a good visit.

The next Sunday evening I decided to call her back and check up on her to make sure she was still doing ok.  She was feeling much better now... We talked for 5 hours on the phone.

The following Sunday she called me back and we talked another 3 hours on the phone.  

This started our weekend marathon phone calls;  Hours upon hours of talking on the phone.

This went on for months...  until finally I had to see her...  (remember, I hadn't had any contact with her save one short visit at a class reunion).

So I drove to Missouri and we spend almost everyday together visiting and catching up.

She was scheduled to go into the Hospital for some surgery later in the week that I came to visit so I decided to take her to the hospital and be with her until they took her into surgery.

Since I had work back in Texas the next day, I had to leave before she came out of surgery, so I kept calling on my trip back to Texas to check on her...

Finally, she came out of surgery and we were able to talk...  she did just fine.

This started the every other day phone calls...

We were spending over $500 per month (1993 dollars) on long distance charges.

This went on for months until finally I said "Karla, for the money we're spending on phone bills we could buy a house and get married!"

So that is what we did...

And the friendship, closeness, and love is still there...  even after all of these years.  

I am very happy that we did.



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