Today I was working again on the new IMAX Movie <a href=""><b>Ride Around the World</b></a>

We have been recording "voice over" talent for the movie and the commercial...  

<a href="">Myra Spector</a> and <a href="">Tony Beckwith</a> were here at <a href="">Electric LarryLand</a> to lend their voice talents to the voice over work for the movie.

Monday, we recorded <a href="">Lila Downs</a> at <a href="">Tequila Mockingbird recording studio</a>.   It was the first time that I had worked at Danny Levin's Tequila Mockingbird... what a great place!

The session went great, but was very late in getting finished... (like after 2:00 AM late).

I've known <a href="">Danny</a> for years and have always respected him for his many talents as both a musician and person.   If you haven't checked out his place, you need to!

Yesterday, I mixed the music that was recorded at <a href="">Cedar Creek</a> for the Trailer for the movie... and then I mixed the Overture that will be playing for the audience just before the movie starts.

Tons of things going on...

The premier is going to be June 2nd... Can't wait.

It will be showing at the <a href="">Bob Bullock</a> IMAX Theatre here in Austin.

See you there!


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