My brother Robert has been working on an album for a few years now. I've been helping him with it in my spare time...

It's been fun and we finally got it to the point where we think we are finished with it. (if that ever really happens)

He has given me permission to post it here on my blog. Feel free to download it and listen to it... It's very interesting stuff!

I've also created a label for you if you are so inclined to print a label on your CD's.

Click here to download the label for the CD...

(after you left click on it here, it will open up in a new window for you... then save it to your hard disk)

For those who are wondering why the picture contains a picture of the cross... Robert is a brick layer by trade and has been refurbishing the Guardian Angel Catholic Church's outdoor Alter in his spare time.

I thought it appropriate to include the pix in his CD cover... He agreed.

Here is the CD: