Our Father
Who is everything
Holy Wholeness is your Name
Let Your Kingdom come to this place where I am
Let Your Will be done
Here where I am, tho I have never left you.
Give us what we believe we need to sustain ourselves
Forgive us our illusions
As we forgive our illusions of our seperated brothers and sisters.
Lead us directly to you
For you are Everything, Father

Our Father

EVERYONE's Father... all inclusive.
The father of everything because he HIS everything.
You cannot be any place where God is not.
We can only imagine a place where God is not (which is where we are now... a fantasy that is not real)

Our Father Who is in Heaven

Nirvana, Shangri-la, paradise, eden... a state of complete bliss and delight and peace.
God IS complete bliss and completely at peace with who he/she is (which is everything).
Since we live inside of and are part of this perfection, any idea that we might have that is not in agreement with perfection does not exist and is only in our imagination.

Hollowed by thy name (Holy is your Name)

Holy is Wholeness
Wholeness is your name... because he is everything...

Thy Kingdom come (Let your kingdom come to earth)

Let your Nirvana, let your complete bliss and peace, come to where we are now.
We are acknowledging that God is wholeness, and God is everything and is completely blissful, and that we want God's kingdom (his Nirvana) to come to us.
We welcome His perfection and His knowledge of Wholeness to our small minds that are temporarily believing that we are somehow separated from His wholeness.

Thy Will be done (Let YOUR will be done)

We release our petty small mind's idea of what to do and ask that they be replaced with God's thoughts. (the Holy Spirit)
Let YOUR will be done God, in place of mine.

On earth as it is in Heaven

Let us experience your peace like you do!
Let your will be done here because we're missing something that exists in Heaven that does not exist here in our minds.
What is that?
It is the Peace of God...
Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me... great song!

Give us this day, our daily bread

We recognize that we believe in lack here.
We also recognize that we believe we are separate from the all and that the all has something that we lack.
Therefore we ask this ALL to give us what it is that we believe we need to sustain ourselves.
This 'belief' of lack is actually our 'insane' mind calling for help. If we were to accept the previous statements fully, no lack would exist.

And forgive us our trespasses

Forgive us our illusions.
We recognize that we see our brothers as something other than perfect.
We also realize that this imperfect vision that we use to see our brother as something other than Holy is a mistake.

As we forgive those who trespasses against us

Any transgression that we imagine that another did to us is an illusion.
Our brothers and sisters are perfect and it is our goal to see them as our Father created them... perfect.
So in order to do that, we must forgive our illusions that our perfect brothers have trespassed against us.
Our brothers and us are the same... we are all one.

And lead us not into temptation

Lead us directly to you Father
Let us not fool ourselves anymore with the illusions and false teachings of this world
Let us see your light as the beacon for us to follow
Past the temptation to anything other than truth.
But directly to your vision... which is perfect.

But deliver us from evil

Deliver us from this world where truth is hidden behind walls of seperation
Where we use things we have made in order to see things other than your creation
Deliver us directly to you Father.

For thine is the kingdom and power and glory forever.

For you are everything
You are all that there is
Without beginning and without end
Forever and ever



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