I found this prayer today on acimlive.com... thought I would share it today.

Dear God:

I Love You. Your created me. I live in You and You in me. Only my own unconscious guilt & belief in this ego/false personality's individual identity keeps me in a state of seeming separation.

Thank you for everything you give me. Grant me the power to live in your presence, to accept your unconditional Love as I learn to forgive. Allow me to remember that You are with me always, with every breath I take, in every movement, in all thoughts, actions and feelings.

Remind me many times during the day until every second becomes another moment spent living in Your loving embrace and constant presence.

Allow me to be a servant of Your will, a vehicle of Divine Love and a channel of God's will. Give me direction and Divine assistance as I surrender all personal will through devotion to You. Allow me the help to dedicate my life to the service of God.

Grant me the ability to choose Love and Peace above all options while I commit to the goal of unconditional Love and Compassion for all life and all of its expressions as I surrender all judgement to You, God.

Make me aware that the world of my ego is a constant and tenacious tendency to react, to feel bad, guilty, mad, defeated, bored, scared, inferior, embarassed, annoyed, lonely or superior and condescending. It gives validiy to judgement regardless of the form and by reacting with judgement I feed and strengthen the ego's world and reinforce the seeming reality of a seperation from You.

Remind me constantly to view all others as my brothers, to realize that we are all one and to forgive them for they too are innocently caught in the false ego identity's world of illusion. Never let me forget that I am not this temporary body, but pure Spirit created in Your likeness, as I continue to live every moment in the knowledge that You are with me always;

You God, the Alpha & Omega, the All & Everything,The Absolute.

Repeat this prayer often to replace automatic judgement with automatic forgiveness.


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