So, You Wanna Make a CD?

So, You Wanna Make a CD?

Production Basics

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There are some things you need to know first.

Radio Shows

Radio Shows

Weekly Radio Shows ACIM & TMDD Podcasts

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Each week, I host two radio shows.  ACIM Podcast and also TMDD Podcast.  Read more about what they are.

ACIM Awakenings Podcast

ACIM Awakenings Podcast

Weekly ACIM Podcast

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Each week on Tuesday morning's at 9AM I teach "Awakenings" on ACIM Gather,, and iTunes.

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I have a theory about God and what he/she/it/everything means using logic as a basis for my judgements.

Let's start with some assumptions:

(1).  God is everywhere and everywhen.  (most of us can agree that this is true... but for those who cannot, skip down to the (1) is false statement).


He is in each and every one of us; and each and every one of us are part of him, right?

There can be NO place where God is not, right?

We really don't have to 'go' anywhere once we die because it is impossible to leave God.  (i.e. since we ARE part of God already... and have never left God, a possible explanation could be that we are having some sort of bad 'dream' where we 'imagine' that we are seperated from God... in other words, we are having an insane dream that we are 'seperated' from God... which CANNOT be true if (1) is true.)


We must believe in time.  (time is simply another illusion that allows us to believe that we can 'be' somewhere that God is not... in other words, it is a seperation/division device... We already know that time 'divides' the infinite into smaller segments we call 'minutes' and 'seconds')

This means that we believe that it is possible that infinity can be divided by something.

And we are forced to believe that since we are 'seperate' from God, then we must be as powerful or more powerful than he is... (i.e.  We can keep ourselves seperate FROM him so he must not have control over us right?...  or at the very least, we can choose to 'believe' that we are seperated from Him...  i.e. He cannot find us, so we have power over him to hide ourselves from him...)

Since we can be as powerful or more powerful that God, then the possibility exists that someone or something else could be more powerful than us...

If this is true, then we must consider the fact that something exists that can be more powerful than God. (i.e. we might believe that a 'Devil' has the posibility of overpowering God.  And If you believe in a 'Devil', then you HAVE to acknowled that the POSSBILITY EXISTS that he could overpower God at some point)

All of this forces us to believe in seperation and fear over wholeness and happiness.


If you believe this, then you have not examed facts that are surrounding you.

Logic dictates that  'nothing' cannot make 'something'...   And infinity cannot be divided by nothing without leaving nothing.   If God is 'nothing' then so are you!

"Truth does not rely on anyone to believe in it...  Truth simply is..."

Some have stated:

"all of you are presupposing the existence of god ...  if one of you could kindly provide me with some evidence of this existence, i will have more to say after that ....

Ok... take the word 'God' out and substitute it with 'everything'.

Certainly you can believe that something is everything right?

If there is an 'everything' and we gave it a name other than 'everything' could we agree that the name means nothing more than the meaning that we give it?

Even if we can't, Logic can get us out of this mess...

The fact that we don't KNOW everything means that the possiblity exists that we simply don't have enough information to make a judgement about everything right?

In other words, Logic demands that we accept the possibility that 'everything' exists...

It also states that since we are not everything, we don't have all of the information necessary to 'judge' everything  (i.e. does everything exist?)

And because we believe that we are not 'everything' then the act of us demanding proof that something else exists can only serve to further isolate the person believing this from everything else.

"Closing one's eyes to Truth doesn't change Truth... it only allows you to believe that it's not there".   

Total honesty with one's self 'sees' through the isolation of self from everything else.


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