ACIM Podcast

Each week I host two completely different radio shows.

On Tuesday mornings at 10AM Central, I teach "A Course in Miracles" in the PalTalk room on ACIM Gather which is also carried live on In addition, it is available as a free MP3 download on this site and also as a free podcast from iTunes.

On the ACIM Podcast, I usually teach whatever the topic is for the day. We sometimes read from the following channeled materials:

Each week I host two completely different radio shows.

If you are not familiar with ACIM or it's fundamental principles, you might find it a bit strange as it is an uncompromising pure non-dualistic belief system. Similar to buddhism, but different in that it teaches that there is only Oneness – nothing else. Anything that appears to be 'twoness' is illusion and therefore not real.

TMDD Podcast

The other radio show that I host is completely different.

This show is carried on also, but sometimes it is pre-recorded and played back after I have done post-production on the audio.

The basic philosophy of the show is that if we are living the dream of illusion as ACIM insists and there truly is only One of us here, then why not dream a happy dream? Why not dream a dream where we exist with infinite potential and infinite energy – completely and totally free?

I realize that this too is a radical concept that is not easily accepted by the mainstream. But frankly, I don't care anything about what the 'mainstream' believes. As Steve Job's has said:

…people don't know what they want until you show it to them.

Therefore, this show sets out to show a 'better way' – one that may or may not be within some people's grasp at the present moment. But the ideas presented in the show are offered as 'food for thought' and hopefully serve to inspire and may even provoke thoughts and conversation about a world that provides for all of it's inhabitants' basic living needs without requiring them to 'earn the right' to have them.

This is a forward thinking concept – granted and some people may even say this has no basis in reality. But until someone presents the idea as a possibility, nothing will change.

Most people are too busy making a living to dream about a world that provides free energy.

"That's not possible!" they may say.

I say it is!!!!

And this show discusses devices that have proven to be capable of generating more energy than they consume. Known within inner circles of the art as 'over-unity' devices, this show aims to educate it's listeners of their existence and stimulate free-energy thinking.

Once the public has been informed that it's possible then steps can be taken towards disseminating the knowledge and mass producing these devices can begin.

There are obviously lifestyle and social changes that will be impacted by this technology. And we discuss these in the show also.

But I get ahead of myself… First, we educate and provoke the discussions.

Some of the devices discussed on this series of shows include but are not limited to the following:

Known within inner circles of the art as 'over-unity' devices, this show aims to educate it's listeners of their existence and stimulate free-energy thinking.

… and many many others.

If even just ONE of these devices produces more power output than is required for it to operate (and several of them do), then we HAVE to re-examine the laws of Newton and question whether they actually ARE 'laws' or merely 'guidelines'.

To quote another phrase from my favorite forward thinker:

You‘ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.

Just like starting with the end user experience and working backwards, this show aims to focus our eyes and ears upon the goal of providing for EVERYONE on this planet – NONE excluded.

In order to build a world where the basic necessities for living come WITH being born on the planet, we MUST develop extremely cheap or (preferably) free energy.

Energy is the key to converting salt water into drinking water. It's what is needed to turn deserts into fertile growing areas. And it is what is needed to eliminate 'exchange' as a method for getting things done on this planet.

THIS is the premise of TMDD – The Most Dangerous Device.

And THIS is what the TMDD Podcast is – A Podcast that examines alternative energy methods and it's impact on our society.

— Larry Seyer


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