iCandy Reaper Theme

Unleash Your Creative Potential with iCandy Reaper Theme by Larry Seyer


Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to the iCandy Reaper Theme, an extraordinary and free offering from the multi-talented musician, composer, and producer, Larry Seyer. This theme is designed to elevate your music production experience within the Reaper Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to new heights. Let’s delve into the world of iCandy and discover how it can revolutionize your music-making process.

What is the iCandy Reaper Theme?

The iCandy Reaper Theme is a stunning visual modification for the Reaper DAW, created by Larry Seyer to provide users with a fresh and inspiring interface. Designed to enhance user experience, iCandy transforms the look of your Reaper setup into a sleek, modern, and intuitive workspace.

Key Features

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing Design: With iCandy, you’ll experience a visually appealing workspace that sets the stage for creative expression. The theme’s modern design elements, attractive color schemes, and thoughtful layout ensure that your workflow is both enjoyable and efficient.
  2. Customizable Interface: iCandy offers a high level of customization, allowing you to adjust colors, fonts, and other visual elements to suit your personal preferences. Tailor the theme to match your creative vision and make your Reaper environment truly your own.
  3. User-Friendly Layout: Navigating through the iCandy theme is a breeze. Its intuitive layout ensures that essential controls and features are easily accessible, helping you focus on your music without unnecessary distractions.
  4. Enhanced Functionality: While iCandy primarily focuses on aesthetics, it does not sacrifice functionality. All core features of the Reaper DAW remain intact, ensuring that you can continue to work seamlessly within a familiar environment.
  5. Lightweight and Performance-Friendly: Despite its eye-catching design, iCandy is built to be lightweight and optimized for performance. You won’t experience any lag or slowdowns in your workflow, allowing you to stay in the creative zone.

Installation Guide

  1. Download the Theme: At this Link. Save the theme file to your computer.
  2. Open Reaper: Launch Reaper and go to “Options” in the top menu, then click on “Themes.”
  3. Install the Theme: Click on “Import Theme” and locate the iCandy theme file you downloaded. Select it and click “Open.”
  4. Activate iCandy: Once the theme is imported, it will appear in the Themes list. Select iCandy and click “Apply Theme.” Reaper will now display the iCandy interface.
  5. Customize (Optional): If you wish to further customize the theme, navigate to “Options” > “Themes,” select iCandy, and click on “Open Theme Folder.” Here, you can edit the theme’s elements to your liking.  Watch the video below for detailed instructions on how to install.


In conclusion, the iCandy Reaper Theme is a remarkable creation by Larry Seyer, reflecting his commitment to enhancing the music production experience for Reaper users. This free theme not only elevates the visual appeal of your Reaper DAW but also contributes to a more enjoyable and efficient music-making process.

If you’re a music producer, composer, or artist using Reaper, iCandy is a must-try theme that will undoubtedly spark your creativity and passion for music. So, head over to Larry Seyer’s website, download the iCandy Reaper Theme, and take your music production journey to a whole new level of inspiration and enjoyment!

Download: https://larryseyer.com/media/other/iCandy_1.06.zip