iCandy Reaper Theme

What is the iCandy Reaper Theme?

The iCandy Reaper Theme is a free theme (skin) for the Reaper Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

It is designed from the ground up to inspire audio engineers to create their best works by providing a visually stimulating and appealing environment for those who appreciate a skeuomorphism type appearance.

It is highly customizable and adapts well with monitor resolutions ranging from as small as 1366 x 768 to those as large as 7680 x 4320 (aka 720P through 8k).

Key Features

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing Design
  2. Customizable Interface
  3. User-Friendly and Configurable Layout
  4. Enhanced Functionality
  5. Lightweight and Performance-Friendly (*)









(*) The first time iCandy is loaded, it will take a bit longer to load the high resolution graphics.  After that, load time is extremely fast.

Installation Guide

  1. Download the Install Zip File: At this Link. Save the zip file to your computer then unzip it by double clicking on it.
  2. Install the included fonts (REQUIRED and MUST be done FIRST!). Navigate to the “2_iCandy Fonts” folder extracted from the install zip file and install all of the fonts.
  3. Open Reaper: Launch Reaper and go to “Options” in the top menu, then click on “Show Reaper Resource Path in Explorer/Finder…”
  4. Install the Theme: Copy the file “iCandy_Ver_2.ReaperThemeZip” from the “4_iCandy Ver 2 Theme” folder and paste it into the “ColorThemes” folder located in the Reaper Resource Path found in step 3. Quit Reaper.
  5. Choose the iCandy Theme from the dropdown menu: Once the theme has been copied to the “ColorThemes” folder , Run Reaper again and it it will appear in the Themes list. Select “iCandy_Ver_2″.  Reaper will now use the iCandy theme.
  6. Customize (Optional): If you wish to further customize the theme, navigate to “Options” > “Layouts,” and choose a modification from the drop down menu.

Watch the video below for detailed instructions on how to install.

Download: iCandy_2.10.zip


How to Install

Optimizing Reaper for iCandy Version 2

Tips are appreciated, but iCandy will always remain completely FREE!